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23 July

7 Features Offered by Web4Realtors

So you’ve seen our website, the packages, the testimonials, the “About Us” page. Awesome! Thanks for checking us out. If you’re reading this blog post, we’re going to go ahead and guess you may be a potential realtor who’s still on the fence with what we offer, or maybe you just want to know more about how we roll with our customers. Allow us to put you at ease as we highlight just seven out of many features you’ll get from signing up with Web4Realtors.


Stay updated in real time, all the time. Our website format is custom integrated just for you so that all updates made, whether it’s to featured or sold properties, are seamlessly done. Buyers will be able to access everything they need in one place and narrow down what they want with our customizable internet data exchange (IDX) feature. Your customers get all the accessibility they could want and you get a website with functionality and many controllable features.


How will you know if your photos and promotion are working? You’ll need reports, logs, and analytics to keep up with the income of customer interaction. Any customers that sign up will be logged into our database and you will be able to directly see who is willing to buy, browse, and request updates. With report pages on types of houses sold to amount of customer interaction, you’ll be able to keep up with the interactions on your website effortlessly.


Already touched upon in a previous blog post, W4R’s special map search is a step above and beyond other basic search functions seen in the industry. We wanted to give more power to the customer and thus came up with a system that allows them to draw their own location and search there, instead of trying to pinpoint coordinates. The result? An easier way for customers to find the properties they want with the places they desire (schools, parks, etc.)


We believe that a key aspect all realtors should have is considerable knowledge regarding the area in which they sell from. Thus all W4R websites come with a “community” page integrated for realtors to add in more knowledge on the area and give more reasons to convince customers to purchase. You won’t just be seen as a realtor; you’ll be known as a community expert as well!


We want to give you more than a nice website; we also want to give you a platform to marketing success. That’s why all customers who sign up with us get their own brand email under web4realtors for communicating with their customers. We also help with promotional materials, photos, open house fliers and business cards; let us know about how you’ll want to take your online and offline presence to the next step!


Want to know exactly what we give in our premium packages? Here’s a quick run-down list of features; not comprehensive of everything we’ve got in store, but it’s a good taste of what we offer!

  • Personalized “About me” page
  • Listing of awards, experiences
  • Multiple search functions for customers to use
  • A “featured” home section for you to edit and control
  • Resources for mortgage funds
  • Promotional materials, provided online and offline


If you’re not entirely sure how to keep up with customer engagement and consistently attempt to promote your company, we’ve got you covered. Part of our realtor package includes MarketBoost, which takes into account customer interest, market changes and updates to states of homes, from active to sold. Feel free to explore and tweak it around to find the best way to provide updates on customer status and satisfaction!

Still not entirely convinced? We’re all ears and ready to help! Reach out to us at our open hours for a free consultation in person and learn more about what Web4Realtors can do for you!

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