You’ll receive live reports about the activity on your website – including new leads, details about property searches, email subscriptions, listing alerts, trends and contact information of potential clients. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of where leads come from, how they behave on your website, which subpages perform best, and more. Furthermore you can integrate Google Analytics for your convenience.

Get Results You Are Looking For

Always be in control and see the results of your marketing efforts. Our easy-to-understand and user-friendly reports will guide you to get the best out of your website and other marketing tools. See which prospects are active, who to contact and who wants to receive more information while tracking key performance indicators, such as percentage of people contacting you to sell or buy.


Be One Step Ahead Of Your Competition

While it usually is a guessing game to figure out what people do on your website, we make it very simple. Conventional websites won’t tell you anything about who visits, but we make sure there is an added benefit for people to leave their information with you. They sign up through your website to get their house evaluated, get updates about listings in their price range and use many other tools – and all you have to do is click on their name in the backend to see what they are interested in and how you should approach them.

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