Media Integration

Social media is all about networking and building relationships, two important functions of a successful real estate business. More than 70 percent of American adults have social media accounts, many using them as a primary method of making connections. People interact with more than just the people they love on social media, but with the products, services and brands they love as well. iCatch Realtors recognizes social media presents an important opportunity to generate quality leads and will help you integrate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and more into your website.

Sharable Content

Buyers and sellers can easily share content on your website through social media. When they decide to do so, they create opportunities for people within their network to discover your website and are engaging in powerful “word-of-mouth” marketing. Study after study shows that consumers trust their friends and family more than any other advertising-agent. When buyers or sellers share your content, they’re advertising for your business.


Engaging with and contributing content to various social media platforms is one of many factors that prompt Google to prioritize your website in search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about showing Google that your website is trustworthy. Our social media integration helps you accomplish this by generating more traffic to your website, building more backlinks and creating more engagement with your brand. The more buzz about your website online, the higher your website will appear in search results.

Pick and Choose

Your social media plan can be customized to fit your personal marketing needs. For example, if you only wish to use Facebook to connect with people and promote your brand, your website will only include links to your Facebook account. On the other hand, if you wish to use a mix of different social media platforms, your website can support as many social media accounts as you please. If you want to take your Facebook marketing to the next level take a look at our Facebook MLS integration.

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