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9 July

Integrative Polygon Map Search

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Make your clients’ lives easier with our interactive “draw on the map” visual search & follow-up alerts.

With the real estate industry growing more competitive than ever, it has undoubtedly become more and more challenging to remain distinguished and noticeable against other agents in the field. In order to do so, you have to take every tool you can find and use them in manners that are both applicable and understandable for the customer. Nowadays, most realty websites already have some kind of map search feature. However, there’s a way to take that function even further. Such a beneficial change would be invaluable to both you and your clients; it will make it easier on them to see what’s happening and it will help put you above the competition.

Visual Location, Location, Location

With our handy Web4Realtors interactive map search tool, users will now be able to easily alter and narrow down their pricing, location, number of bed/bath, and property type preferences. Since simply categorizing by zip code will not bring a search criteria specific enough for those looking for the ideal home, our tool utilizes a location based search function instead. Listings are shown directly on the map so users will be able to quickly compare locations visually and view the house’s proximity to schools, parks, lakes, beaches, etc. without having to look up their respective address.

“Draw on the Map” Search

With polygon search technology, there’s a whole new advantage with interactive map searching, thanks to our “draw on the map” search option. Users on your website will now have the ability to draw any shape that encompasses an area they might want to explore. And just like that, they will be able to view the listings currently available in their drawn proximity and receive email alerts when new listings are available! How easy was that?

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